Water Repellent
Resistente all’acqua


Quick Dry
Asciugatura Veloce

Easy Care
Facilità di Trattamento


Thermal Insulation
Isolamento Termico



The challenge for BJANKO is to take advantage of the high technical features that this material has, to dress those who are not afraid to express themselves and to dare with an original look both in the city and in their free time.
This material is incredibly light and flexible while resisting tearing. Precisely because of the origin for which it has been studied, it is particularly thermal, that is, it retains the heat of the body, and prevents UV rays from penetrating.
Breathable and waterproof is perfect in the wind and in the rain. Not of last importance is completely RECYCLABLE and non-flammable. Perfect to become a protective shell not only for the home, but also for the human body.


Tyvek is produced only white and BJANKO by Milan exits to make it colored and designed just like a normal fabric with innovative procedures that are all made inside the structure.
This is how shapes such as jackets, costumes, gilets and objects of different types for both the home and the person take shape.
The verticalization of the company allows rapid reaction to market demands and continuous proposals for the now very demanding public, reaching up to the customization of the product for those who want to feel different or belong to a group.