About us

The project was born in 2015 from the desire of clothing manufacturers that bring newness and emotion in a market flattened by low-cost and low-quality company productions alongside established brands in both projects and products.
The OBJECTIVE is a simple, very cumbersome product that can accompany us at any time of day both in summer and in free time.
To solve the problem of nylon: nylon, polyester, cotton, knitted or woven fabrics.
Does the university extraction of the faculty of design and furnishing architecture lead to associate the house with the human body, that which “protects the house” because it can not protect the human body? in 1955 it was created in the Dupont laboratories by Jim White: Tyvek®.
It is a material made of pure high density polyethylene fiber randomly arranged and welded to form a particularly resistant fabric counted in the category of tecnofibre.
Tyvek is light and flexible. Resistant to tears, perforations, water, UV rays, chemicals. Intercommete RECYCLABLE and ‘also windproof, hypoallergenic, breathable, fire retardant resists dirt and thermally insulates.
Here are the research of how these are endless rolls of white fabric in a jacket that boasts all the characteristics of this material.
The product is easily achievable, and his mood is soon realized, tried and tested for everything he promised.
Last difficulty is not little importance and ‘how to color, print and dye this fiber that seems refractory to accept the normal dyes on the market and does not tolerate temperatures above 80 degrees used of almost all the traditional printing and dyeing processes as well as Heat welding.
Our proposal therefore consists of a single material declined in several articles:
jacket, bags, accessories, costumes, shoes … for men, women and children.
The production is internal to our structure and makes use of specific external collaborations for different sectors such as footwear.
Today, after years of experimentation and testing on the market, we have approached the Spanish market with extremely satisfying results.
We are closing contracts and collaborations to prove the brand on the European market: Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, England and specific channels for children and footwear.
Thanks to all my efforts, our development and its project is underway with a very ambitious program that foresees expansion in the world also with the opening of BJANKO brand stores, and innovative high quality concept starting from the end of 2018.